Say Hi to Our New CFO


Meet Debra. She’s new to Colorado. In fact, she moved here from coastal L.A. to come work for us, so be extra nice to her! We are so happy to have her a part of our growing accounting team. Watch her video below and send her a quick “Hi” if you can!

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What’s New with Our CUs


Lots of new branches all over the country!

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Just TRY Not to Smile At This Member Story


You know by now that we love a feel-good member story. Our friends over at Mutual 1st FCU in Omaha, Nebraska shared one with us a while back. And if you ever have a story yourself, feel free to email We just might include it in our next newsletter. Enjoy!

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All These Credit Unions Got 100% on the New Mystery Shops. Crazy!!!!

mystery shop

By Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh

This year, CO-OP Shared Branching worked with DSG Associates to improve the Mystery Shop program. Each mystery shopper is an actual guest member, hired by DSG, who completes a transaction on his or her own account at an assigned branch.

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9 Tips on Booking A Venue For Your Next Event


Special Guest writer Diana Garcia, Executive Admin at CU Service Network

Here are some tips for choosing your next venue.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to do your research. The best venues book months in advance. Don’t start looking for a restaurant for your company holiday party on December 1st.

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Did You See Our New Grievances CBT?


Yes, at long last we have updated the Grievances CBT. Not that any information changed, it just needed a visual pick-me-up. It is live on the Docebo online training site, just waiting for you to take it!

Don’t know what a CBT is?

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Message from the President – Our New CU Forum


Share Your Ideas and Opinions: CU Collaborative Community


We searched and searched for a place on the web where credit union professionals could talk with each other. Look for solutions to nagging problems. A place where credit union people get together and move the industry forward.

We couldn’t find one. So we made one.

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CU Service Network Annual Meeting 2015

annual meeting

CU Service Network held our 2015 Annual Meeting at Cool River Café in Englewood, Colorado on May 14, 2015. 25 credit unions, representing 53% of our owner credit unions, were in attendance. This was our 23rd Annual Meeting, and we were pleased to welcome guest speaker Stan Hollen, CEO of CO-OP Financial Services.

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Shared Branching CRUSHES Bank of America in Locations


Just when you think the “death of credit union branches” is among us, think again. The shared branching network has just surpassed Bank of America in number of locations. Shared branching has grown by nearly 10% in less than 5 years.

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