Message From Our President/CEO on Collaborative Services

Message from the President/CEO, Doug Burke

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Collaborative Services Overview


By Doug Burke, President/CEO

CUSN’s Collaboration Services
It’s not just shared branching

Over the last couple years, the word collaboration has been used frequently in the various credit union trades and the credit union community. Everyone agrees collaboration is a cornerstone for credit unions and the idea of taking collaboration to a new level is desirable and intriguing, but also difficult for a variety of reasons. We believe the opportunities far out way the challenges.

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Accounting Services Overview


By Doug Burke, President/CEO

The objective of this project is to determine whether there is a business case for several credit unions to work together with CUSN to create a comprehensive accounting operation.  By doing so, can we create a value proposition where participants acquire greater benefits?

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IT Core Services Overview


The Need For Collaboration – A Business Case for Core Processing

By Daniel Burk, Sr. VP of Business Development

Key to the operation of a credit union is the capability of a good data processor.  These systems have continued to evolve from simple accounting systems to complex multifunctional financial systems. Credit unions continually evaluate the value of their system. And if their system reaches the end of its useful life, the credit union is forced to make painful and expensive decisions.

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Message from Our President/CEO Doug Burke Winter 2014

Message from the President/CEO, Doug Burke

CUSN Credit Union Satisfaction Survey

By Rosemary Paddock

In late 2013, CUSN sent our participating credit unions our Annual Satisfaction Survey.  We received a total of 30 surveys back, for a 24% participation rate.  While it may sound low to you, in the world of survey participation, it is HUGE!

Wanted to share our results with you.

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Four New CUs on Shared Branching in Iowa!


What’s New with Our CUs

What's New with our CUs

Who has opened a new branch? Began offering CURe? Changed their name?

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Who is ROCKING the Mystery Shop Program?


By Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh

CUSN credit unions provide exceptional service to guest members. And that’s not just our opinion. The results of the new Mystery Shops confirm it.

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