What Credit Unions Around the World Look Like: Part 2

Last year, we published an article about what your fellow credit unions look like in other countries. It was such a popular article (perhaps our most popular), that we decided to make a second compilation with more countries!

It is fascinating to see the scale in which even the smallest countries have a cooperative structure, like Fiji and Seychelles. The credit unions in these small countries play a critical role in the community, not only acting as an FI, but a community center, fundraiser, children’s center and health advocate.

Let’s take a look at some more credit unions around the globe.

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No Way! We’ve Launched Another CU Works Product?

We are so excited to finally announce our new credit union compliance service, called CU Works Compliance. This unique service focuses on customization and flexibility to meet individual credit unions’ specific needs – something that no one else is offering! CU Works Compliance is the third product to be introduced in the CU Works brand, which you might remember includes HR and Accounting services for CUs.

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Photos from Our 2017 Symposium and Annual Meeting

A big thanks to everyone who attended our first ever Symposium and 2017 Annual Meeting. We weren’t super excited about the sloppy snow storm that blew in, but so many of you sloshed over to Lakewood anyway to attend our breakout sessions and stay for the Annual Meeting. We thoroughly hope you found the sessions valuable. Look for emails in coming weeks as we plan for summer follow-up events, where we will dive deeper into the breakout session topics.

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What’s New With Our CUs

The first half of 2017 is off to a great start for our credit unions. Many are enjoying membership and loan growth, and are opening new shared branches across the country! More are planning to open branches in the coming months, and we will keep you updated when they do.

Let’s see who has opened new shared branches in 2017.

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Election Results and Our New Board

We are thrilled to share our Board election results with you. This year’s election was particularly unique because we opened up our board membership to not just credit union CEOs, but any senior level credit union employee, allowing dozens of individuals to run who would not have been able to before. Five individuals ran for four open positions, and the results were announced at our Annual Meeting on May 18th.

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Spotlight on Accounting: Oscar Dixon

This month, we are featuring Accountant I Oscar Dixon. He is a vital part of our outsourced accounting service, which continues to be a much needed resource for credit unions. Oscar has had a very exciting few months here at CU Service Network. Let’s learn more about him:

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See the SB Express Machine in Person at Our CU Symposium

Interested in seeing one of the new Shared Branch Express machines in person? CO-OP SB is flying one out to our Symposium and Annual Meeting on May 18th. Seeing the machine in action would be great for individuals in shared branching operations at their credit union. A representative from Source Technologies, CO-OP’s partner in manufacturing the machines, will be onsite demoing the product.

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CUES Article: How CUSOs Help HR

We are delighted to share that CUES featured our credit union outsourced HR product, CU Works HR, in a recent article. President/CEO and mastermind behind our outsourced product line, Doug Burke, was interviewed by the CUES CU Management Division. A major theme was digging into the cost-savings aspect of our outsourced HR product, which can save credit unions tens of thousands of dollars. See the full CUES article below:

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Survey: How Tellers Feel about Credit Unions and Members

In March of 2017, our Operations Manager Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh conducted a multiple shared branching webinar trainings for tellers. With over 300 attendees, we took the opportunity to survey them about the credit union industry. We also left an open comment field so they could share their ideas on making members happier with their credit union experience, since after all, they are frontline employees. The results were intriguing and surprising, and we were so glad we had the chance to survey this often-forgotten, critical touch point of member experience.

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Spotlight on Accounting: Michele Criscione

Our accounting department continues to grow! Can you believe we have nine employees in our Outsourced Accounting department now? That is more employees than we had in the whole company just three years ago.

Our newest addition to the accounting team is Michele Criscione. Let’s learn more about her.

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