Message From The President


By Doug Burke, President/CEO of CU Service Network

A recently released study by KPMG of US CEOs says the next 3 years are more critical than the last 50. It goes on to say “To drive shareholder value in the next three years, 65% of the CEOs said they will be pursuing a collaborative growth strategy that includes external partnerships and alliances”

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Is Your Accounting Department Not Efficient?


Fresh off the press is our list: “Top 5 Signs Your Accounting Department is Not Efficient.” We asked our CFO Debra Templin to compile a short and sweet list about what she sees out there in the credit union accounting field as common red flags. With over 30 years experience, she has seen it all.

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Let’s Meet Our Board of Managers


We wanted to share with you the election results for our Board of Managers vote taken at our Annual Meeting…but then we realized that we should go ahead and introduce you to our whole Board of Managers, because we haven’t done it in a long time.

We talk a lot about our staff here at CU Service Network, but we rarely mention the wonderful board we have behind us. Let’s take a look at who comprises our diverse Board:

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Learn more about CUProdigy IT Services


Are you interested in discovering a better system for securing the critical data on your servers?  Our partner (and CUSO) CUProdigy has built a world-class security and disaster recovery solution and created a webinar series to explain how it’s designed to improve service to your members.

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What is Credit Union Lending Exchange and Why is it Huge?


Edge Consultancy, our partner in research & development on CU collaboration, was kind enough to share their slide deck with us on Credit Union Lending Exchange (CULE). Have you heard of CULE yet?

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CUNA Urges CUs to Take Part in Blockchain


Have you noticed that we have been talking a lot about Blockchain the past few months? There is good reason. It seems to be on everyone’s radar lately. Check out these two recent articles on Blockchain, one “urging CUs, in large numbers, to take part in the Blockchain project.”
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CU Ledger Gaining Momentum: MWCUA


Last month, CU Service Network President/CEO Doug Burke shared an article about CULedger (formerly CU Blockchain) and why it is important. In this issue, we share with you updates about the organization, and how it is gaining momentum in the credit union space.

MWCUA’s Rick Cranston shared a synopsis of what is currently happening:

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Spotlight on Accounting – Our Newest Employee


We would like to introduce you to our newest addition to the CU Service Network team: Daniel Nienhaus, Accountant I.

Daniel started on June 20 and is quickly learning ropes of our outsourced accounting service, thanks to the great teachers Brian Biaesch and Nikki Kuepper.

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Happy CU Clients: CUProdigy Story


As you may have heard, we expanded our partnership with CUProdigy in the spring of 2016, to include IT and Disaster Recovery Managed Solutions. CUProdigy pride themselves on serving credit unions and credit unions only. They are owned by credit unions. They are constantly looking for ways to help credit unions’ specific needs, like regulations and disaster recovery.

But, we wanted to know what the credit unions themselves thought of CUProdigy’s services, so CUProdigy sent us a testimonial from one of their recent clients, American United FCU in West Jordan, UT.

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Why LCCU is Rebranding


We have seen many credit unions rebrand themselves in the past 24 months. The newest edition to this movement is LCCU (Lewis Clark Credit Union), located in Lewiston, ID.

LCCU has gradually shifted from the full name “Lewis Clark” to an acronym. The credit union is also in the process of redesigning their logo and opening a new branch.

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