Our Big News + President’s Message

At long last – it’s time to announce our big news.

Remember in September we said we had a “big surprise” coming? And then in December, we said just wait one more month? Well, the time has come.

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Opening A New Shared Branch This Year? Check Out Our Free Training Video

Are you opening a new branch this year? Do you have questions about what it takes to make your new branch part of the shared branching network? Check out our new video: Opening a New Shared Branch.

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RSVP For Our 1st Annual Symposium and 2017 Annual Meeting

We are so excited to announce our first ever Symposium, held before our 2017 Annual Meeting this year. Our Symposium will include six break out sessions centered around critical credit union issues, presented by the very best in their field. Topics include:

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How You Ranked Us in 2016

We’d like to provide you with the results of our 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey. We want to send out a big Thank You to those who participated. We saw an increase of nearly 400% in participants from last year’s survey – that is huge!

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CU Reviews Reveal Fascinating Trends by State


Throughout 2016, the Business Development/Operations team at CU Service Network was on the road meeting with our credit unions. They logged thousands of miles, visiting credit union clients in both metro areas and far-flung corners of four states – Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, and New Mexico. The goal was to ensure that we were taking care of our clients’ needs through a face-to-face review. We asked what our credit unions’ challenges were, as well as their goals and strategic priorities.

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The Winners of Our Survey Gift Card Are…


Last month we asked many of you if you would take our client satisfaction survey. We had a record response this year, so thank you all so much for helping to make us better and more aware of your needs! We promised we would award four of our survey participants with a $25 gift card, and the winners are:

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What We Are Thankful For


This year, I asked the staff at CU Service Network to send me what they were thankful for. We often get so caught up in the day-to-day activities that we forget about the big picture. We thought it would be a great opportunity for you, our clients and partners, to learn a little more about who we are, and what is important to us. Happy Holidays!

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When People Can Share Verifiable Attributes, Everything Changes


President/CEO Doug Burke wanted to share this article with you about SSI (single sovereign identity) and the importance of members having verifiable attributes online. As you can imagine, the toxic mix of cyber fraud and members doing more banking online is creating a need for a better way for people to identify themselves online – that they “really are who they say they are.”

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Member Insurance Webinar Today @Noon MDT!


Join us for a webinar today at noon MDT on digital member insurance and recurring fee income, hosted by Insuritas.

Insuritas is highly rated in the credit union field – they have won the NAFCU Innovation Award, the credit union industry’s most recognized award competition for groundbreaking solutions, for the past two years in a row!

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A Need for Outsourced Payroll Processing?


CU Service Network is going into the marketplace and asking credit unions if there is a need for Outsourced Payroll Processing. Many of our CUs have recently asked us to consider offering it as a service.

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